Area monitoring system

EPM Composites Limited installed a new wireless bolt on monitoring system throughout the facility. The system will assist in monitoring temperature and humidity in certain cells within the factory, catering to each individual customer requirements for the whole project life cycle. The system was commissioned on 22 March 2018 to which data has already been produced for the past couple of months.

All of the monitors have the ability to be moved around the factory via a wireless connection including adding additional monitoring units if necessary.

New Press Capability

We are pleased to announce the recently added press moulding capabilities to EPM Composites Limited. This is the first of our planned capability expansions into compression moulding processes and we are ready to offer this service out to our customers.

We have been developing our capability and knowhow for over a year, working closely with our customers to understand their needs and expand our services with the marketplace.  With our current live projects and continuing interest from our customers in compression moulding our capacity and expertise are set to grow.

Interwood Press Capabilities

  • Max pressing area – 1550mm x 3100mm
  • 300mm daylight

If you are interested in compression moulding of composites come and talk to us at EPM Composites Limited. We can develop a competitive process for your application.

EPM Composites Limited appoints new Head of Business Development

EPM Composites Limited, a member of the as.g Group, has appointed Matt Charlton as Head of Business Development, sitting on the management team with responsibility for leading the company’s drive for further growth for their sales capability within the composite industry.

Matt has been appointed as Head of Business Development for the company. Having spent his career within the composite sector spanning across automotive and motorsport.

Commenting on his new appointment Matt said: “With a new strong operational strategy built on existing expertise and talent, EPM Composites is ideally positioned for sustainable growth. I am excited to be part of the new management team and look forward to developing the current customer base, expanding in our core target market of Motorsport and developing additional business in Automotive and composite based Special Projects.”

Lee Hickling, Managing Director said “”I look forward to working with Matt drawing together our impressive array of capabilities and experience across EPM, it is an exciting time in the composite industry and our breadth of expertise, combined with our ongoing drive for success will propel the company forward in 2018.”

Prior to joining EPM Composites, Matt was Sales Manager for URT Group Limited (Composites). URT Group designs, machines and manufactures a wide range of composite components, large and small, for clients in a variety of services. Also previously working for Airtech, Luxembourg a manufacturer and supplier of vacuum bagging, composite tooling and resin infusion processing materials as their General Composite Business Manager – Europe.



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Notes to editors:

EPM Composites Limited ( is one of the UK’s engineering company’s specialising in carbon fibre components based in Derby employing over 60 employees. We serve the advanced engineering sectors and give our clients the edge that helps them to become the world leaders in their field. EPM Composites Limited supplies to five different sectors Automotive, Motorsport, Aerospace, Defence and Bespoke. You can view EPM’s recent projects on our website.

Design Engineer Appointment

EPM Composites Limited, one of the UK’s leading carbon composite manufacturers’ has made an appointment to there Design Team.

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to EPM Composites Limited – Design Engineer, Carlos Martinez.

Having spent the majority of his career within the composite industry spanning across tooling / manufacturing, aerospace and industrial materials. Carlos has work experience in design (CAD) and project management within composites bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to EPM.

Commenting on his new appointment Carlos said, “I am looking forward to the challenge and working with the team to unlock the potential of the business in the near future.”

Lee Hickling, Managing Director said, “Carlos will be joining the Design team and bring with him expertise in carbon press moulding that forms parts of EPM’s future expansion plans, really excited to have him aboard.”

Prior to joining EPM Composites, Carlos was a Tooling and Manufacturing Consultant at Composite Tooling Engineering Solutions Ltd, a company specialising in the design of complex tooling and jigging for composites component manufacture.


Slider – Ice Warrior Challenge

EPM Composites Limited recently supported Micky Yule in the Slider – Ice Warrior Challenge in Whistler, Canada.  Working in partnership with Micky and the team, we designed and manufactured the fan-housing for the prosthetic legs which were used in the time trail challenge against the Olympic medal-winner Martins Dukurs.

Currently double amputees can’t take part in the skeleton, but Micky wanted to prove that being an Olympian isn’t about having the perfect body or the perfect number of limbs. It’s about having the Olympic spirit and never giving up.

Martins Dukurs won the challenge overall, this project did however show the grit and determination of one man’s fight to prove you are able to overcome the impossible.

The programme was aired on Quest TV on 7 February 2018 and again on the Discovery Channel on 11 February 2018.

EPM Composites Limited

In September 2017, epm technology was sold out of administration to a new business called EPM Composites Limited. The assets and business of the company have been sold to EPM Composites Limited which is company owned and controlled by a2e Industries, its aerospace division, AS.G and operation management of EPM. This will enable the new shareholders to ensure investment is focussed on customer demands and needs whilst safeguarding jobs.

Lee Hickling has been formally appointed as Managing Director and he will be supported by the existing management team of EPM together with executives of a2e.

Managing Director, Lee Hickling said “Over the coming months, teams from both EPM Composites and AS.G (Aero Services Global) will work together to grow the business in all industries and expand the current workforce. This is a great opportunity for the new business going forward.”