One year in our new building!

In September last year, we completed the move to our brand new factory.

We now reside in a 60,000 sq. ft. bespoke technical facility in Derby, which houses our expert  design & manufacture workforce, allowing us to complete an ever-increasing number of exciting projects.

During the past year we have been proud to secure new contracts and expand our workforce considerably, including nurturing some members of staff through the business.

Mark Gould, a former laminator at EPM, who is now working in an office-based role in Business Development, spoke about the past year.

“Working in the new premises has been a breath of fresh air. The top-class facilities we have here make our working lives a lot easier. The change in the company in the last year has affected me quite a lot personally; 12 months ago I was hands-on as a laminator, but due to the growth of epm: technology, I have now moved into a business development role via the engineering team.”

Another member of staff who has risen through the business is Dave Butler, previously laminating foreman, now head of production.

“I can’t believe how fast the year has gone. I think on the whole it’s been a great success. It’s been great to see people moving up through the ranks, it just goes to show what can be achieved if you’re willing to work hard. The new building is a great place to work, everyone that sees it is very impressed and we should be very proud of what we have achieved.”

When asked to comment on EPM’s year himself, CEO Graham said, “We have learnt more in our first year here than we’ve learnt in the first 19 years of the business. From this new facility we can only prosper.”

To celebrate this milestone, we are holding an anniversary breakfast at our premises on Westside Park for all fellow Marketing Derby bondholders. The event will take place on October 1st 2015, from 8am-9:30am and will include a breakfast reception, a tour of our factory and a speech from our CEO Graham Mullholland. If you are a bondholder, see the Marketing Derby website for more information.

See our highlights from the last 12 months below!