Global air show draws near

A HI-TECH engineering firm in Derby plans to use the 51st Paris Air Show as a springboard to become a Design Authority within the aerospace industry.

epm: technology hopes to become to only the composites company in the UK supply chain to land the accreditation.

Managing director Graham Mulholland said: “Generally, people like Rolls-Royce and Airbus tell you what to make and how to make it.

“We’re going to position ourselves as a business where we truly partner up with tier 1 customers to take on the design work.

“We believe that would make us the only composites company in the UK supply chain – and possibly in Europe – to have that in our capability. It’s very exciting.”

Mr Mulholland said his firm had appointed a new chief designer, who will be unveiled next month after his notice is up at his current employer.

He said: “We three or four meetings lined up in Paris and will be presenting our plans. There are four of us going, including the new chief designer so that we can introduce that person.”

epm: technology makes parts for the automotive and aerospace industries.

Earlier this year, Mr Mulholland said the company had experienced an “explosion of growth” since relocating to a £6 million purpose-built site off Raynesway. He said becoming a Design Authority would continue that growth.