Staff visit site of our new facility

As the exciting construction of our new, state-of-the-art facility gathers momentum and the steel frame rises, we took the whole team to see the site on Raynesway, Derby.

This was to ensure that every member of the company is engaged at this early stage in the build process and ready for the challenge.

We transported over 70 members of staff across Derby on a double decker bus to see the beginning of the £6 million facility.

Managing Director, Graham Mulholland walked the team through each section of the building, outlining the areas and their use, from laminating to fitting, autoclaves to CNC machines.

This helped the staff to understand where exactly in the building they would soon be working as well as the vision Graham has for epm. The team then split into smaller groups to explore the area and understand the layout of the 50,000 sq ft footprint.

This new facility will double our capacity and grow our output for motorsport, aerospace and defence customers, as well as introduce a new R&D capability.