Going the extra miles, all the way to Nice

At epm technology we support our clients with a total focus on service, so when a customer called with an urgent requirement for parts to be manufactured and delivered to Nice, we were ready for the challenge.

Day one
13:30 – Call received to say we need two specific parts to form the assembly
14:00 – Parts go in to production
21:00 – Parts cure

Day two
01:00 – Parts trimmed
02:30 – Ready for assembly and project plan in place
03:09 – Graham Mulholland’s alarm launches him into action
03:30 – Leaving the house, on route to work
04:04 – Components collected, epm begin the journey to Nice
04:55 – Splash and dash for fuel
06:15 – Arrive at Heathrow
06:30 – In the terminal and components checked in
07:00 – On board and in the air to Nice
10:50 – Components delivered and the customer heads on their way
12:50 – Returning to the plane we head home
16:00 – Back in the UK we begin the journey back up the M1
19:00 – Home
19:05 – A glass of red to celebrate a successful trip

One final question, how far does your supply partner go in your hour of need?